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She styled herself “Queen of the Arabs” and nobody contradicted her since she paid well for the title. No error.

I know of few moments more precious than those in which I have stood poised on a ledge, master of my next upward move as of the view down. No error.

The angry father threatened his son that he would be hanged from the roof. No error.

She reminded me that I am making more demands on her than in the past. No error.

I got much less marks in my history paper which I had offered as an alternative to economics. No error.

Very soon it is to be announced that a series of lectures on the subject have been arranged. No error.

The visitors complained at the poor accommodation they were given.

The principal, knowing about my interest in music, asked me that I would like to perform during the public celebrations. No error

In a hour’s time when I had finished the work I got up and slipped out unnoticed. No error.

I. Test of English

Spot the error in the following sentences. (1-10)

A lot of people go to the hill resorts during the summer vacation even though it has become extremely expensive to travel these days. No error.


Spot the error



Two of the questions were not given the answer explanation why?

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