Outstanding interest on loan borrowed from bank is to be added to

All the Items given in the adjustment will appear at ...........places in Final Accounts

From the given information calculate the closing Capital of the proprietor firm. Profit during the year 4,800/-, Additional Capital brought during the year 4,000/-, Drawings - 2,400/-, Capital at the beginning -9,600/-

The depreciation method rcognised by Income Tax Authorities

Loss on sale of Fixed Asset appears on the

From the following particulars, find out the rate of depreciation, under the Straight Line Method, Cost of Fixed Asset - 50,000. Residual Valued5,000/- Estimated Life :10 years

Cash Accrual / Cash Profit means

While admitting a new partner, undistributed profit or loss is transferred to

Which of the following is true

A and B are partners sharing the profits in the ratio of 3:2. They admitted 'C' for 1/5 share as new partner. A's old share is 3/5 and new share is 12/25. what is his sacrificing ratio?

A and B are partners sharing the profits in the ratio of 3:2. They admitted C for 1/5 share aas new partner. Calculate the new profit sharing ratio?

If the Good Will account is raised by Rs.30,000, the amount is debited to

At the time of retirement of a partner, Gaining Ratio for remaining partners can be calculated as follows:

Minimum amount to be collected by a company as application money according to SEBI is ........% of the issue price.

The public issue must be kept open for atleast

A firm's balance sheet reveals a quick ratio of 1:1 and a current ratio of 4:1. What does it reveals?

What is Networth

What is the tangible Net Worth

Goods withdrawn for personal use is debited to

A sole proprietor ship firm was started with a capital of 10.00 lacs. The first year profit was 2.00 lacs. Proprietor withdrew 1.00 lac. What is the capital of the firm at the end of the first year

A company is accepting Fixed Deposits @10% for 5 years from public. How will you classify the item while assessing working capital limit for the company?

Expand GAPP

How is Super Profit is calculated in Partnership Account?

Choose correct statement on issue of Bonus shares:

What is Rights Issue of a Company?

Del Credere Commission is allowed to cover:

Initial expenses while starting a huge project should be classified as :

The statutory taxes paid in advance should be classified as

Under diminishing balance method , the depreciation is calculated on

A credit received through RTGS in bank account towards realisation of Receivables

As a result of Rights issue, the bank balance went up. Choose incorrect statement from the below

One out of the following errors can be located by preparing Trial Balance

REvaluation method of depreciation is used in the following types of Assets

Periodical writting of some of the intangible assets is knownas

Total of Sales Book is Overcast by 15,000

Under theComapanies Act, The Financial year of a company :

Sales Returns are deducted from


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