Bank Recruitment Exam - General Knowledge - 1 Online Test

The term Drop Kick is used in which game

The flat topped terraces made of fine silt in Kashmir Valley is called

FDI in new pvt banks to be set up, capped at ___% to strengthen the promotion of domestic banks

Shri Manmohan Singh has hoisted the National Flag on August 15, 2010 at Lal Quila..This is his ______ th term

On which date Gandhi Ji picked up a handful of salt from Dandi beach - which is known as Dandi March

Quit India resolution was passed in the congress session in Mumbai on

There has been Fuel Oil Spill due to accident of two ships in the Bombay Harbour. What is the possible quantity of oil that spilled

In the accident of the two ships in Mumbai Harbour , the term VTMS has been frequently used. What is the full form of VTMS

Just as in the case of Aeroplane 'Black Box' records the details of the flight, in case of a ship the same function is performed by S- VDR. What is its' full form

On August 7,2010 the ship 'MV Khalijia' collided with another ship in Bombay Harbour area. What is the name of 2nd ship in the accident


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