Section A: Living Organisms in the Environment Online Test

Which group in the classification of living organisms is the biggest?

Identify a secondary consumer.

Idenitfy a decomposer.

The major role of a decomposer is

Which of these organisms will obtain the least amount of energy?

What does this pyramid of biomass NOT indicate?

An example of an omnivore is

Select the food chain that is in its correct order.

NB: A-->B indicates that A is eaten by B.

What trophic level will a tertiary consumer be found at in a pyramid of numbers?

What is the purpose of nitrfying bacteria in the nitrogen cycle?

How is carbon dioxide NOT returned to the air?

Commensalism is one type of symbiotic relationship where only one organism benefits while the other is not harmed. A common example of this is:

Trichonympha lives inside of termites helping them to breakdown wood. What type of symbiotic relationship occurs between termites and Trichonympha?

Nitrogen from the air can be fixed by ALL but one process:

How do carbon atoms become part of plants?

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