US History 07/20 Online Test

The Republican Presidents of the 1920's favored
membership in the League of Nations
tax cuts for wealthy Americans
stringent federal regulation of American business
reduced American tariffs on foreign imports
forgiveness of European war debts from the First World War
Margaret Sanger is best known for her
contribution to the radical suffragist movement
endorsement of coeducation
advocacy of birth control
presidency of the Women's Christian Temperance Union
organization of the Women's Trade Union League
The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine expanded America's role in
Central America and the Caribbean
the Philippines
North Africa
In his Atlanta Compromise speech, Booker T. Washington called for which of the following?
African American voting rights
An end to racial segregation
Support for African American self-help
Educational equality for African Americans
Racial integration of religious organizations
The American home front in the Second World War is best described as
politically divided over the wisdom of the American war effort
unaffected by ethnic and racial tensions
economically invigorated by military spending
rededicated to the reform efforts of the New Deal
demoralized by food shortages
All of the following have been cited as reasons for the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in 1945 EXCEPT the need to
block a planned Japanese invasion of the United States
keep the Soviet Union out of the war against Japan
save American lives
demonstrate American superiority in weaponry to the Soviet Union
force the unconditional surrender of Japan
During the 1930's, the Great Depression led to
the nationalization of major industries
the strengthening of the family unit and a higher birth rate
a decline in highway construction
a mass internal migration of Americans looking for work
a decrease in labor union membership
Alexander Hamilton's financial program was most favorable to
western farmers
war veterans
southern planters
eastern merchants
state bankers
During his presidency, Richard Nixon did which of the following?
Supported the use of busing to end racial segregation in public schools
Intensified conflict between the United States and Japan.
Abolished the Tennessee Valley Authority.
Ended American participation in the war in Vietnam.
Created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
By the 1750's, the British colonies on the North American mainland were characterized by all of the following EXCEPT
disdain for British constitutional monarchy
many religious denominations
a society without a hereditary aristocracy
a growing number of non-English settlers
acceptance of slavery as a labor system
Which of the following is true of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890?
It had little immediate impact on the regulation of large corporations
It quickly limited the number of mergers taking place.
It led to federal control of the railroads.
It forced businesses to adopt pooling agreements.
It ended effective cooperation between business and the federal government.
Pinckney's Treaty with Spain is considered a diplomatic highlight of Washington's administration because it
allowed the United States to use the port of New Orleans
ceded Florida to the United States
invited Americans to settle in Texas
opened Spanish Caribbean ports to American trade
withdrew Spain's military forces from the Caribbean
Which of the following principles was established by the Dred Scott decision?
Congress could abolish slavery at will.
National legislation could not limit the spread of slavery in the territories.
The rights of all people are protected by the Constitution.
Slaves residing in a free state automatically became free.
Through squatter sovereignty, a territory had the sole right to determine the status of slavery within its territorial limits.
During the First World War, the Committee on Public Information issued propaganda to persuade the American people of all of the following EXCEPT:
The United States was fighting for freedom and democracy.
The United States was fighting a barbarous nation.
Buying bonds was important to support the war effort.
A German invasion of the United States was a possibility.
Congress should reject the League of Nations.
In the 1930's, the movement led by Dr. Francis Townsend contributed to congressional approval of a law
insuring the bank deposits of consumers
securing federal protection of labor union organizers
providing larger federal subsidies to farmers
implementing a federal program of old-age benefits
protecting ethnic minorities from discrimination
Jefferson's purchase of Louisiana had its origins in his desire to
remove the French from forts along the Mississippi valley
acquire a port to provide an outlet for western crops
acquire territory for the expansion of slavery
oppose New England Federalism
demonstrate friendship for the French in the Napoleonic Wars

This is a test is one in a series of tests on US History. This endeavours a preparation check on Advanced Placement History for students. One can Practice these test one by one, these are independent in nature but grouped in certain combination to help out the Learners. Happy Learning!!!

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