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The initial response of the United States to the outbreak of war in Korea was to
seek the cooperation of the People's Republic of China to end the fighting
increase American aid to Indochina to meet the threat of communist aggression
seek collective action against North Korea through the United Nations
encourage Japan to rearm
request a summit meeting with the Soviet Union
Which of the following best characterizes the muckrakers of the early twentieth century?
They were primarily concerned with racial issues
They were mostly recent immigrants to the United States.
They were leading critics of urban boss politics
Their influence on public opinion was greatest after the First World War
They wrote primarily for an academic audience.
The Halfway Covenant provided for which of the following?
The baptism of children of baptized but unconverted Puritans
The granting of suffrage to non church members
The expansion of women's power within the Congregational church
The granting of full membership in the Congregational church to all New Englanders
The posting of banns by engaged couples
For American farming, the years 1921 to 1929 were a period of
increase in the size of the farm population
rapid inflation in the price of farmland
low prices for agricultural products
increased government subsidization
increase in the number of small family-owned farms
All of the following were reasons for the failure of the People's (Populist) party EXCEPT
The radical nature of its program alienated non-farming interests.
Racism strained the coalition of poor White and Black farmers.
The Democratic party co-opted some of the Populist program and its constituency.
Western and Southern farmers favored different political strategies.
The prosperity of the early 1890's undermined popular support for Populist economic reforms.
During the decade of the 1960's, young people, Black people, American Indians, Hispanic Americans, and women were among the groups protesting various aspects of American society. All of the following were protested against by one or more of these groups EXCEPT the
excessive cost of the social security system
United States involvement in the Vietnam War
marginal economic status of non-Whites
exclusion of women from the mainstream of American life
increasing bureaucratization and impersonality of American institutions
All of the following are true of railroad expansion in the late nineteenth century EXCEPT that it
opened new territories to commercial agriculture
accelerated the growth of some older cities and created new ones
was financed by private corporations without government assistance
led to new managerial forms and techniques
was often capitalized beyond what was needed
The cartoon above refers to which of the following?
The Red Scare
The Open Door Notes
The Immigration Quota Act of 1921
The response to the Pullman Strike
The Boston Police Strike
The Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT), expanded trade with the Soviet Union, and President Richard Nixon's visit to the People's Republic of China were all facets of the policy of
In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, American agriculture was characterized by
a decline in the number of tenant farmers
a decline in foreclosures on Midwestern farms
a decline in the number of farm cooperatives
an increase in wholesale prices for farm products
an increase in acres under cultivation
Helen Hunt Jackson's "A Century of Dishonor" was significant because it aroused public awareness of the
injustice of having taken land from Mexico in the Southwest
need for reforms in federal land policy
wrongs that the federal government had inflicted on American Indians
hardships endured by Chinese laborers while building the transcontinental railroad
plight of sharecroppers in the Deep South
The Compromise of 1850 did which of the following?
Admitted Texas to the Union as a slave state.
Admitted California to the Union under the principles of popular sovereignty.
Prohibited slavery in the District of Columbia
Enacted a stringent fugitive slave law
Adjusted the Texas-Mexico boundary.
The primary difference between United States intervention in Guatemala in 1954 and previous United States interventions in Central America was that the Guatemalan intervention
was not authorized by Congress
favored the Guatemalan Right
involved the cooperation of the Organization of American States
was mounted for economic motives
involved covert action by the CIA
Wilson's Fourteen Points incorporated all of the following EXCEPT
open diplomacy
freedom of the seas
recognition of Allied economic and territorial agreements made during the war
creation of an international organization to preserve the peace and security of its members
national self-determination
The cartoon above is a commentary on late-nineteenth-century
municipal corruption
labor unrest
business monopolies
civil-rights campaigns
The Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) did which of the following?
Denounced business combinations in restraint of trade.
Sanctioned separate but equal public facilities for African Americans.
Declared that the Fourteenth Amendment applied principally to the protection of corporations.
Defined the Constitution as color-blind.
Empowered Congress to cancel treaties with American Indian tribes unilaterally.

This is a test is one in a series of tests on US History. This endeavours a preparation check on Advanced Placement History for students. One can Practice these test one by one, these are independent in nature but grouped in certain combination to help out the Learners. Happy Learning!!!

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