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The relational database model was created by ________ in ______ and is founded on set theory and logic

There are three options available when a referenced primary key value changes or a row is deleted, they are:

1. Disallow

2. Cascade

3. Delete

4. Nullify

5. Update

A row may not be added to a table with a foreign key unless the referenced value exists in the referenced table.

Every higher normal form is a superset of all lower forms.

Which of the following is true :A relation is a special type of table that has the following attributes:

1. They describe one entity.

2. They have no duplicate rows; hence there is always a primary key.

3. The columns are unordered.

4. The rows are unordered.

A foreign key is:

All columns (or combination of columns) in a table with unique values are referred to as:

A Primary key is:

Which of the following is true about the benefits of a database :

1. Data entry, updates and deletions will be efficient.

2. Data retrieval, summarization and reporting will be efficient.

3. Since the database follows a well-formulated model, it behaves unpredictably.

4. Changes to the database schema are easy to make.

When designing a database, we must decide



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