Verb to be, Possessive Adjectives Online Test

A. Hello. ______ Alex. What's your name?

B. Hi. ______ Anna.

A. Where's Istanbul?

B. _____ in Turkey.

A. Where's Catalina from?

B. ______ from Colombia.

A. ______ Antonio from Spain?

B. No, he _____. He's from Italy.

A. _____your name Andres?

B. No, it ______ Andres, it _____ Andrzej.

The students are from Italy. _______ names are Susanna and Tito.

He's British, but _____ parents are American.

We're brothers. ______ surname is Ortiz.

That dog is very big. _____ name's Pluto.

Teacher: Jimena please turn off ________ mobile.


Complete the sentences with the correct option. (this is the correction form the previou test created by me)


Catalina Leiton

profe ya hize le test q esta ak
tuve 9/10
y ps queria preguntarle si esta era la recuperacion de el examen pasado..gracias :D

4264 days 46 minutes ago

Panchali Sen

Nice to be attempted.
Panchali Sen

4299 days 10 hours 50 minutes ago

anju joshi

i think u hav repeated a few questions in this test...:)

4299 days 15 hours 50 minutes ago

Johana Paola Castaneda
English teacher
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