Verb to be, Possessive Adjectives Online Test

A. Hello. ______ Alex. What's your name?

B. Hi. ______ Anna.

A. Where's Istanbul?

B. _____ in Turkey.

A. Where's Catalina from?

B. ______ from Colombia.

A. ______ Antonio from Spain?

B. No, he _____. He's from Italy.

A. They ______ Polish. They____ Hungarian, from Budapest.

A. _____your name Andres?

B. No, it ______ Andres, it _____ Andrzej.

The students are from Italy. _______ names are Susanna and Tito.

He's British, but _____ parents are American.

We're brothers. ______ surname is Ortiz.

That dog is very big. _____ name's Pluto.


Select the correct option to complete the sentences



very nice test

4299 days 17 hours 41 minutes ago

Panchali Sen

Very good test.
Panchali Sen

4300 days 12 hours 9 minutes ago

anju joshi

missed by 1 mark,...neways keep publishin

4300 days 17 hours 3 minutes ago

Johana Paola Castaneda
English teacher
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