English Grammar Class Online Test

What is a Part of Speech?

How many parts of speech are there in English?

Name the parts of speech

What is a Noun?

Give two examples each for a noun.

What is a Pronoun?


A Grammar Class on Parts of Speech is launched as a trial.



very easy

4018 days 17 hours 6 minutes ago

Panchali Sen

Good to be attend the test.
Panchali Sen

4293 days 12 hours 22 minutes ago

Murali Nair

Hi, thank you very much for your valuable comment. Surely, in future all tests shall have more questions as you have suggested. Keep on posting your valuable comments.

Thanks and regards,
Murali Nair

4300 days 3 hours 9 minutes ago

anju joshi

pls increase the number of questions,.....so that it becomes easy to analyze.

4300 days 17 hours 5 minutes ago

Murali Nair
A Post graduate in English Language & Literature

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