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What is the meaning duration?

What is the meaning of freedom.

what is the meaning of chortle?

What is the meaning of fable?

What is the meaning of confederation?

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vary nice

4259 days 10 hours 2 minutes ago

Jeff Zhang


4300 days 13 hours 4 minutes ago

anju joshi

thanks for such a nice test!expecting more tests in future from you...

4309 days 1 hours 32 minutes ago

Panchali Sen

Nice test.
Panchali Sen

4312 days 21 hours 40 minutes ago

Andy Barbiero

Many people around the world are trying to learn English. We have a responsability as teachers to submit very clear and accurate tests that help our students learn properly. I urge all those submitting tests to research the answers very carefully and be very clear.

4314 days 5 hours 58 minutes ago

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