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Which best describes a person in whose job role would be responsible for developing and implementing plans to take

advantage of the sales opportunities available through the Internet?

Which of the following is always required in order to connect to the Internet?

The rules that describe the ways that clients and servers communicate across a network are called:

Web addresses are called Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). A URL is a text string that specifies an Internet address and the method by which the address can be accessed.

The protocol component of a URL identifies ?

When you view a Web page, the images are downloaded to your computer. Where are they stored?

In what ways can cookies be useful for Web site developers?

You want customers to use their credit cards to make purchases on your Web site. In order to

ensure secure exchanges, you should consider using:

Which of the following is an event-driven scripting language used to create active content on a

Web page?


Questions on the basics used every day on the web; email, browsers, FTP etc.


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