Physics- Reflection -1 Online Test

The minimum distance btween the real image and the object in a concave mirror is :

The sun of diameter D subtends an angle of

The diameter of the image of the sun formed by the mirror is :

radians at the pole of a concave mirror of focal length f

In the case of a concave mirror :

The focal length of a concave mirror is 30 cms. If the virtual image is 3 times the size if the object, the object dstance is ;

What is the magnificationn in a rear view mirror if its radius of curvature is 1 m and the object 4.5 m from the mirror.

A shaving mirror of focal length f produces an image x times the size of the object. If the image is real,the diatance of the object from the mirror is:

An object is placed at distance of 5 cms from a concave mirror of focal length 10 cms. The distance between the object and the image is ;

A concave mirror forms a real image of an object magnified 4 times.When the object is moved 3 cms away,the magnificaton 3.The focal legth of the mirror is:

A candle is placed at 20 cms from a convex mirror

.A plane mirror is placed at distance of 12 cms from the object.

It is found that the two images coincide. The focal length of the mirror is ;

An object is in front

of a convex mirror at a distance equal to the focal length. The magnification produced is;

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