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Who is called the father of History?

Who is called the father of Zoology?

What is SHASAR KOBITA by Rabindranath Tagore?

Who wrote the book A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME?

When was Dhaka University established?

Where is the Adams Peak situated?

Which one is the longest river in Asia?

Which one is a land locked country?

Which one is a liquid metal in ordinary temperature?

Which animal is the biggest on land?

What was the real name of great american short story writer, O'Henry?

Who did write first Engllish dictionary?

What is the targeted year to achive the Millanium Development Goal(MDG)?

Where is the WTO head office situated?

Which country will organizi the next Olympic?

SAARC was founded in ..................?

which one is the largest contry in Asia?

Who said "An unexamined life is not worth living"?

IBERIA is the airlines of which country?

Who is player of the tournament in world Cup 2010?


Basic general knowledge


rajesh kumar tiwari

perfect test anything

4004 days 14 hours 45 minutes ago

rajesh kumar tiwari

its test use full for me

4004 days 14 hours 46 minutes ago

Ankita Pramanik

prfect selection.

4109 days 13 hours 3 minutes ago

vipul raut

good test.........very useful!!!!!!!!thank u very much....for this test.!!!!plz try more such kind of test..!!!!!!!!!!

4213 days 5 hours 24 minutes ago


Its good for me!!!

4235 days 8 hours 57 minutes ago


hey it's not useful

4266 days 4 hours 50 minutes ago


all questions are easy only it's not useful for me

4266 days 4 hours 51 minutes ago


i dont know anything

4355 days 13 hours 16 minutes ago

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