Derivatives of Exponential, Logs, Trig, Inverse Trig Functions Online Test

Rewrite this expression using the rules of logs, then find f ' (x) and simplify:

Differentiate and simplify:

f (x) = ln (cos 2x + sin 2x) – 5 arcsec x²

Differentiate and simplify

g (t) = ln² (3t + 1)

Differentiate and simplify:

h(x) = csc (ln x) + arctan 5x – arccos (x ³ + 7)

Differentiate and simplify:

Find an equation for the tangent

to y = ln x at the point where x = 2


This is a PRACTICE TEST. Each question has the correct answer and "ignore this" as a second choice. The objective is to see if you can get the correct answer.
A COMPLETE SOLUTIONS MANUAL, with all steps and full explanations is available for a small fee from Tammy the Tutor.
If you need/want it, get in touch.



quite a simple test
just a matter of 5 min

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