Mech Engineering: IC/Automobile Engine V Online Test

Which engine part needs to be only sparingly lubricated?
Main bearings
Camshaft bearings
Guides and stems of valves
Piston and cylinder
The primary function of lubrication in an automobile engine is to
Reduce friction between moving parts
Remove heat from the cylinder and bearings
Provide cushion to the moving parts against shocks and vibrations
Avoid leakage of charge by providing effective sealing
The spark engine fuels in order of increasing detonation tendency are:
Aromatics, napthenes, paraffins
Paraffins, aromatics, napthenes
Napthenes, paraffins, aromatics
Aromatics, paraffins, napthenes
All of the following statements are correct, except
The detonation follows the spark while preignition proceeds it
Doping refers to the addition of certain additives to petrol to improve its resistance to detonation
The paraffin fuels give less detonating trouble than the aromatic fuels
Factors tending to increase detonation in S.I.engine tend to reduce knocking in C.I. engines
The phenomenon of pre-ignition
Always occurs in diesel engines
Never occurs in diesel engines
Always occurs in petrol engines
Increase the power output engines
Consider the following statements regarding n-octane it is a standard fuel used for knock rating of diesel engines its chemical name is n-hexadecone ] it is a saturated hydrocarbon of partition series it has along carbon chain structure Which of the above statements are correct?
1,3 and 4
1, 2 and 3
1,2 and 4
2, 3 and 4
The commercially available diesel fuels in India have a cetane number of
Cetane is a straight chain paraffin with formula
The cetane number of diesel fuel is determined by conducting test on a blend of cetane with
Ethyl fluid
-methyl naphthalene
The two reference fuels used for cetane rating are
Cetone and iso-octane
Cetone and tetra ethyl lead
Cetane and n-heptane
Cetane and a-methyl naphthalene
The automobile gears are generally made of
Cast iron
Mild steel
Alloy steel
Cast steel
An adjustment in the setting of a carburetor has been made for running the petrol engine at mean sea level. What will be the quality of mixture supplied to the engine if now it is made to operate at high altitudes
No change in the quality of mixture supplied
Ther will not be any flow of petrol from the cold chamber.
Lean air fuel mixture is required for
In the fuel system of a petrol engine
Air and petrol are mixed in the ratio of about 15 parts of petrol to one part of air
Air pressure is reduced when the air passes through a venturi
Air should be prevented from entering the tank
Air entering the induction system through a brokent gasket at the manifold would give a condition called rich mixture
All of the following statements are correct except
A carburetor prepares a homogeneous air-fuel mixture by atomizing and vaporizing the fuel
Vacuum at the throat of venture sucks the fuel through the fuel jet
Throttle valve controls the supply of air fuel mixture
Choke is kept open when cranking a cold engine for starting
Which fuel has a cetane number fo hundred?
Ethyl fluid
-methyl naphthalene
Normal heptane
The float in the carburetor of a petrol engine controls
Flow rate of air
Flow rate of fuel
Flow rate of air-fuel mixture
Level of the petrol in the float chamber
Cetane number of a fuel is a measure of its
Ingnition quality
API specific gravity
Which one of the followings is a wrong statement?
Valve timing diagram shows the correct crank positions corresponding to opening and closing of the valves
Valve overlap represents the angle during which both the inlet and exhaust valves remain open
For the same engine speed and cylinder volume, the power developed by a four-stroke engine is two times the power output from a two-stroke engine
Scavenging is the process of removal of burnt gases from the engine cylinder by the fresh charge coming into the cylinder form the crankcase
What identifies the anti-knock quality of diesel fuel?
SAE number
API gravity
Octane number
Cetane number
Performance index

A series of tests is launched to offer the students of Mechanical Engineering to help them in checking their level of knowledge. These tests will contribute in building the aptitude of the students in various topics of Mechanical engineering. Majority of the questions are from IC engines and Automobile Engineering.


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