Which of the following is more toxic?

Which among the following requires least or no water for excretion?

Which of the following animals are ammonotelic?

Which of the following animals are ureotelic?

Which of the followig are uricotelic animals?

Flame cells / Solenocytes / Protonephridia are excretory organs in

Nephridia are excretory organs in

Green glands / antennary glands / coxal glands are found in

Malphigian tubules are excretory organs of which invertebrate?

Metanephridia or Kebers Organ is excretory organ of

Salt glands are found in


Hi Friends.. If you are preparing for CSIR or any other entrances then these Qs may certainly help you. Test your knowledge in "Animal- Excretory System ". For any queries regarding Qs please mail me at aleena1607@gmail.com


diksha sharma

test was good...........mostly based on phylum..

4166 days 14 hours 20 minutes ago

shweta yadav

actually the papers are very easy,plzzz increase the confusion level.Beside it, this is a very good way to judge oneself and prepare for the best......

4470 days 22 hours 33 minutes ago

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