English Articles( Part 1) Online Test

These are _ books. _ books are good.

This is _ meat . _ meat is fresh.

This is _ book. _ book is interesting.

I have _ spoon in my _plate, but I have no _ soup in it.

They have_ dog and two_ cats.

My sister's husband is_doctor.

Is this your _ pencil?

This is _ book.


The test gives you an opportunity to improve your English Grammar.


Basuli Dasgupta

very useful for beginners..........

3960 days 17 hours 29 minutes ago

Irina Kuzmina

thanks !it's for beginners!

4338 days 22 hours 57 minutes ago

anju joshi

easy but nice test!

4339 days 4 hours 16 minutes ago

Test: 1

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