MOCK TEST on Management and Organizational Behaviour

The four basic functions of management are


A management technique that has been used by many firms, in which a supervisor and subordinate jointly set goals, is

An organization’s Mission statement


The management function that establishes the goals which are the basis for the other

functions is

Mckinsey’s 7-s framework does not include


Which of the following is the most accurate statement regarding the effect of corporate culture on performance and responsiveness?

The determination of an individuals work related responsibilities is

Assigning workers additional tasks on the same level, which increases the number of tasks they have to do is

Which of the following strategies for overcoming resistance to change involves explaining the need for and the logic of change to individuals?

Mc Gregor suggested that there are two sets of assumptions that shape the way managers treat their employees. Which of the following is not correct about his theory?

Which of the following is the first step in the nine-step strategic management process?

In Blake and Mouton’s managerial grid, the leadership style where there is low concern for people and low concern for production is

Comparing an individual’s job performance against standards or objectives developed for the individual’s position is termed as

Innovation differs from change in that, innovation tends to be more difficult because it

The study of body language is known as

A group of people who belong to an organizational area and who meet regularly to solve problems they face is

Which of Fayol’s principles of management refers to the line of authority from top management to the lowest ranks?

______ is the practice of comparing, on some measurable scale, the performance of a key

business operation in-house vis-à-vis a similar operation in another organization.

______ encompasses defining an organization’s goal, establishing an overall strategy for

achieving those goals, developing a comprehensive hierarchy of plans to integrate and coordinate activities


Consider the following statements about values:

I. Values are the same as deep attitudes

II. Values are the same from culture to culture

III. Values are basic beliefs about what one should and should not do

IV. Values are observable in individuals but not in organization

V. Values are same as perceptions.

Which of the above statements is/are true?

Plans that apply to the entire organization, that establishes the organization’s overall

objectives, and that seek to position the organization in terms of its environment are called

_________ plans.

Which of the following means thoughtfully considering employees‘ feelings along with other factors in the

process of making intelligent decisions?

While making decisions the managers generate a number of alternatives to solve a particular problem. The criteria on which they do not evaluate the alternatives is

Downsizing results in

Which of the following structures violates the principle of unity of command?

Which of the following is one of the three learned needs that were identified by McClelland as important in understanding Motivation?

Leadership that guides and motivates followers in the direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirement is termed as

Organizations and individuals resist change. Which of the following is an individual source of resistance to change?


Which of the following factors does not enrich the job?

Which of the following can be described as a key activity in human resource planning that involves a systematic collection and recording of information concerning the details of a job, purpose of the job, major duties, contacts, knowledge, skills etc.?

Which of the following is (are) prerequisite(s) for effective control?

The type of management that gives a thoughtful attention to needs of people for satisfying relationships, leading to a comfortable friendly organization atmosphere and work tempo is called

Which of the following is not a characteristic of the organization culture?

Which of the following does not belong to McKinsey’s 7S framework?

According to piece-rate incentive system, if a worker’s output exceeds the set standards he

will get incentive or his wages will be more. Which of the following people proposed this system?

Which of the following is a myth about planning?

Which of the following factors is an environmental condition that can undermine a firm’s

competitive situation?

Which of the following is/are true of rational decision makers?

Traditional theories of organization advocate four principles of organization. Which of the

following is/are the principle(s) advocated by the traditional theories?

Which of the following information processing systems gives the output in the form of

summary and exception reports that are useful to the managers?

Brainstorming is a technique used in decision-making process. In which of the following stages can we use brainstorming?

In the leadership grid, which type of leadership style believes that adequate organization performance is possible through balancing the necessity to get out work with maintaining the morale of the people at a satisfactory level?

There is a set of motivational techniques available to the managers to improve the

productivity and performance of employees. Which one of the following is not a motivational technique?

Which of the following can be used to measure the social responsiveness of an organization?

Which of the following skills do the first-level managers need to have?

One of the principles of management states “In an organization, the operations that have the

same objective should be directed by one manager using one plan”. The principle is known as

Which of the following is/are the finding(s) of Hawthorne Studies?

According to Henri Fayol, business operations of an organization can be divided into six

activities. Which of the following is not one of those six activities?

If a manager holds theory X assumptions about his/her subordinates while the subordinates attitudes and behaviors fit into theory Y, which of the following statement is true if the MBO program is to be implemented?

According to BCG matrix, a business unit operating with relatively high market share in a market characterized by low growth rate is known as

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