PO Test 2010

What is the date of hike in key rates for Repo & Re-repo by Reserve Bank of India recently ?

By how much basic points did Reserve Bank of India increased the Cash Reserve Ratio ?

Whats the current inflation rate ?

What is the name of Indias Health Minister ?

What is the name of Thailand Prime Minister ?

Which is the top I.T company in India ?

What is the best performing State under NHRM (NATIONAL RULAR HEALTH MISSION) recently ?

What is the date of signing the Nuclear Disarnament Treaty between Russia & US ?

What is the growth rate of money supply from 2009-10 to 2010-11 ?

What is the name of Nigerian President ?

What is the cost for generation of 14500 watts of energy by IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency) till 2012 ?

What is the Gross Domestic Product for 2010-11 ?

What is the expected Growth Rate for 2010-11 ?

What is the Non-Food Credit Growth Rise for 2011?

What is the date for implementation of "The Right of Free & Compulsory Elementary Education" in India ?

When was the Nuclear Security Summit held in recently ?

Where is the Nuclear Security Summit Review going to be held ?

What is FICCI ?

Which is the product banned by Indian Government for FDI to sell in India ?

When did Bangladesh lifted the ban on Indian Flims ?


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