CAT 2010 Sentence Completion Entance Test

Thomas is quite bold; he would never insinuate the blame on Peter. I trust him to openly ______ Peter for the blunder he committed.

The Executive’s _______ of Reilly’s proposal at the meeting clearly surprised her team which was expecting quite an encouraging ______ from the head.

The author believes that the old studies on imprinting in geese may be _______, but, wonders how the animal studies are related to human bonding behaviour?

The Department claims that the local insurance industry ______ resilient despite the global financial crisis.

________ restlessness and perpetual boredom compelled him to take these _______ steps.

The children were easily taken in by the ______ teasing, which in reality was ______ a long-standing hostility.

In the style of the ancient poets, Les speaks ______ but _______ he meditates on abstract issues while using everyday language in his writing.

It was concluded that the financing team had _______ its customers, swindling them of _____ of dollars.

It was quite unnatural for a sage to have this _______ hatred for members of the minority community.

The doctor believes that since extrasensory experiences are subjective in nature, they are not _______ and cannot therefore, be _______ scientifically.

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got 9/10 n I'm n fy student

1706 days 18 hours 44 minutes ago

Nela Leustean

this was actually not very hard. I got a 10

1774 days 5 hours 32 minutes ago


I got a 10

1814 days 8 hours 38 minutes ago


Hi, got 200th rank in CAT exam....Thank You....

2211 days 10 hours 19 minutes ago

Englishteacher Namrata Arora

For all those who are liking my tests on Facebook; do add me on FB

2444 days 5 hours 9 minutes ago

Nikhil Patil

Hi.. got 10 on 10.. Thank you..

2475 days 21 hours 29 minutes ago


scored 9/10. feeling good! thanks teacher.

3326 days 20 hours 33 minutes ago


I completed the test and got 9/10.Now what ??

3435 days 9 hours 41 minutes ago


I completed the test and got 9/10.Now what ??

3435 days 9 hours 41 minutes ago


I attempted the test and got 9/10.Now what ??

3435 days 9 hours 42 minutes ago

Englishteacher Namrata Arora
English, Oral and Written English, CAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, Management
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