Latin- Lessons 1--6 Online Test

Which of the following endings indicates the verb form is an infinitive?
Which of the case endings determines the declension a noun fits into?
nominative singular
nominative plural
dative singular
genitive singular
Which ending do we put on a Latin verb to indicate that the subject is "we"?
Which ending do we put on the Latin verb to indicate that the subject is either "he, she, it" or a 3rd person noun?
He praises.
It praised.
They call.
We are praising.
Monetis me.
She warns me.
You (pl) warn me.
I am warned.
They warn me.

Amicus me vocat.


Puer puellam vocat.


Puella puerum vocat.

Which of the following is the plural subject (nominative plural) form of "girl"?

Which of these words are the singular direct object (accusative) form of "woman?"

Which word is the singular subject (nominative sing) form of "friend" (feminine):

Which of the following mean "I call" ?

Indicat puellam.

Declension in Latin grammar refers to the process of
putting a verb in its forms for tense, number and person.
finding the plural forms of the verb.
relaxing the muscles after long nights of copying vocabulary.
putting a noun in its various forms (or spellings) for case and number.
The fours sets or "families" of Latin verbs are referred to by what grammatical term?

The Imperative (sing) form of the verb "to praise" is:

The imperative plural form of "to look" is:


A Test over the st & 2nd Conjugations and Declensions, from Lessons 1--6 of my Latin workbook, Studium Latinae.



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