Which of the following is used to send email message from my ASP.NET page?

If one has two different web form controls in a application and if one wanted to know whether the values in the above two different web form control match what control must be used?

Which of the following method is used to obtain details about information types of assembly?

The .NET Framework provides a runtime environment called

Which of the following allow writing formatted output?

In my .NET Framework I have threads. Which of the following denote the possible priority level for the threads?

Which of the following can be used to add alternating color scheme in a Repeater control?

The namespace within the Microsoft .NET framework which provides the functionality to implement transaction processing is

The type of code found in Code-Behind class is

Find the term: The .NET framework which provides automatic memory management using a technique called

Which of the following must be done in order to connect data from some data resource to Repeater control?

Which method do you invoke on the DataAdapter control to load your generated dataset with data?

GIVE ONE WORD: In .NET the operation of reading metadata and using its contents is known as

In ASP.NET the sessions can be dumped by using

In ASP.NET in form page the object which contains the user name is

Which of the following denote the property in every validation control?

Which of the following transfer execution directly to another page?

Suppose one wants to modify a SOAP message in a SOAP extension then how this can be achieved. Choose the correct option from below:

Which of the following is FALSE?

The technique that allow code to make function calls to .NET applications on other processes and on other machines is

In ASP.NET the < authorization > section contain which of the following elements

Which of the following denote ways to manage state in an ASP.Net Application?

The actual work process of ASP.NET is taken care by

WSDL stands for

Give One word: Common type system is built into which of the following:

How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain?

Which of the following is TRUE about Windows Authentication in ASP.NET?

What tags one need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually?

What is the base class from which all Web forms inherit?

Suppose a .NET programmer wants to convert an object into a stream of bytes then the process is called

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Thet Thet Mar

Thanks a lot for giving this practice for me

2047 days 15 hours 3 minutes ago

Abhilash Hari

nice test

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its realy very good practice

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Thanks for providing online tests. Its a great learning experience by writing the tests. It would be better if you can provide answers also along with review.

3829 days 8 hours 11 minutes ago

gurdeep singh

Very good test

3941 days 9 hours 36 minutes ago

Gaurav Kumar Sharma

Questions are very gd nd usefull. I got 20 that was average nd also improve knowledge....

3979 days 15 hours 27 minutes ago

Srinivasan Baskaran

The test was good, it will ensure the confidence of your basics in .net. This is also help ful for the people who is looking for new job and for facing interviews...

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Thanks LOL

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good questions to beginers

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questions are worth

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Mushtaq Naik
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