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Which stae was the recipient of the prestigious 2010 United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA)

Which country player won the longest tennis match that was held in WInbledon 2010 for about 11 hours and 6 minutes?

Which actor has been roped as brand ambassador for promoting Canada's tourism in India?

Who inagurated the world classical tamil conference(WCTC) that was held in Coimbatore in June 2010?

The countries in BENELUX group lies between

Which country has been a part in all the finals of Asia Cup Cricket from its first match in 1984 to still date?

Which country is the current champion of Women's Asia Cup Cricket?

How many High Court(s) is/are there in India to have jurisdication control for more than one state (exclude Union Territories...)?

In how many places do the President of India have officially "THE PRESIDENT's RETREAT(rest places)" {exclude Delhi}

The first "acting President" of India was

By March 2010 Volcano Eyjafjallokull glacier erupted in which country that disrupted the whole air traffic?

2010 IBSA Summit was held in

Which mobile operator signed with Facebook, such that its subscribers can use Facebook at free of its cost in their mobile?

Apart from South Korea, from which other Asian country has an UN Secretary-General been appointed?

Which of the following country has the women PM?

Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador for ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)?

Ms. Rosa Otunbayeva was sworn in as the first woman President of

ICM-2010(International Congress of Mathematicians) is scheduled to be held in the Indian city of (It is to be held in August 2010)

Which space agency has released the first-ever image o fthe entire universe?

Ratan Tata has been made an Honorary Doctor of law by which univesirty recently?

India's biggest solar power plant was set up at

US Geologists have reportedly discovered $1 trillion worth of mineral deposits in

Who head the GoM(Group of Ministers) on the Bhopal Gas tragedy which was reconsitiuted recently?

How many Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research(IISER) have been set up by the Government of India ?

What is the nationality of Francesca Schiavone, the Women's single winner of 2010 French Open?

From the given options, Find out Most urbanized Country ?

What is RuBisCO?

How Many team are petrified in world Cup Football-2010?

Which country become 187th member of IMF (International Monetary Fund)?

The first state in the country to have a real estate regulatory authority is

Which country is called as "Land of Million Elephants"?

Who is called as "Honest Abe"?

Why was the first FIFA world cup held in Uruguay in 1930?

Why was Concord plane withdrwan in 2003?

When USA was formed in 1776, how many Provinces / States/ COlonies were there?

Which instrument is said to be "king of musical instruments"?

Who is the first USA President to be born after Second World War?

How many emirates/states combine to form UAE?

Which was the first nation in the world to plan and built a capital city for its seat of Parliament?

UNO recently closed down its office inthe country of


Antony Selvaraj

Very good tests. Explanation for all the answers would be good. As you know, some of the answers we just guess.

2235 days 3 hours 48 minutes ago


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