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I don't know. I'll have to _________.

I have always _________ my big sister. She's such an inspiration to me.

My parents __________ my new boyfriend. They don't approve of him and say that he is a slacker.

I need to _________ my notes one more time before my test tomorrow.

"What are you __________?" "My keys. I can't find them!"

I work as a nurse and I _________ elderly people.

My husband is always __________ new business opportunities.

"What are you _________?" "That man over there. He's looks strange."

I forgot my book. Can I _________ with you?

I'll _________ you __________ next time I'm in town. We'll have to go get lunch or something.

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http://www.ingles.theselva.com/ - The verb LOOK is very common in the English language and there are many phrasal verbs containing LOOK.


Jose Manuel Suarez Abascal

I got 7/10…not bad, but I can do better!!

2955 days 20 hours 20 minutes ago

sadaf bashir


4024 days 36 minutes ago


so sad
i got only two ..............

4265 days 4 hours 49 minutes ago

Mr. aldhibiani

Totally great. Thanks Jessica.

4272 days 19 hours 33 minutes ago

anju joshi

well,a very nice selection of phrases....keep publishin.....

4383 days 6 hours 13 minutes ago


nice questions want more

4390 days 9 hours 55 minutes ago

Jessica Ojeda
Profesora de Inglés - English Teacher
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