SQL Test

The SQLPLUS command for calculating the total for each section of the report is

A table T1 having 100 rows is joined with a table T2 with 50 rows without specifying the joined column in the where clause then result will have

The SQL*PLUS Command used to delete a existing table is

In the SQL Command in matching a character pattern the symbol % denote

Which of the following denote Transaction Control commands in SQL

The function TO_DATE in SQL

The order of sorting can be changed by SQL command

The default headsep character when SQLPLUS is activated first is

Which of the following is FALSE about a ALTER TABLE command of SQL?

Which of the following SQL statement retrieve all the columns from the table emp?

Consider an EMP table having data as follows: EMPNOEMPNAME 1000SOPHIA 1001RITA 1002MARY Which of the following SQL query will fetch all columns with name RITA only?

The number of records in a table emp is given by the SQL statement

A SYNONYM can be

What is the ouput of the SQL query on EMP table having a row namely EMPNO EMPNAME 1000master writes select INITCAP(empname) from emp;

SHARE UPDATE lock permit users to

Joining a Table to itself is called

An alias name for a base table is

The function that is used to cut off numbers to a specified number of decimal places is

which of the following denote single value function used in SQL

The SQL command used to comment multiple lines is

The SQL command for filling the table with data (that is rows) is

If the comparison operator used in a join is '=' then it is called a

Which of the command below undo the current transaction?

Suppose the employee tables defined has the following values namely: EMPNOEMPNAMESALARY 100SRI1000 200NULL2000 300PRI1500 What is the result returned by the following SQL Query? select count(empname) from employee;

The database programming language which is used for retrieving data and updating data on a database is called

In SQL the operator that will be used to output a record if any of the condition listed holds true is

Views are created using SQL command

The function used to calculate the arc sine of a value is


This is a simple Skill Test of SQL


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Vimlesh Bhatt

Ques24:: Ans should be 2.
Becoz count never consider null values..........

2735 days 2 hours 39 minutes ago


Good collection of questions. Post some work questions and add some brief explaination of the questions at the review time.

2809 days 12 hours 11 minutes ago

Rajiv Gandhi


3113 days 5 hours 46 minutes ago


so amizing

3120 days 3 hours 20 minutes ago


great one

4140 days 15 hours 24 minutes ago


thanks a lot 4 such a nice quest on sql....bt confused question ko add mat karna..tht expecting 4m u.....

4202 days 6 hours 29 minutes ago


Count(colname) doesn't count null values. But Count(*) does. The answer that it returns 3 , for that question is
wrong. It'll return only 2.

4333 days 23 hours 27 minutes ago

Rama Murthy

The Above Test Query no 9 D is the answer Both A and C are False Statements. I guess your asking which is the false statement in Sql.

4387 days 13 hours 59 minutes ago

anju joshi

thanks a lot 4 such a nice quest on sql....expecting more tests in future 4m u....

4429 days 7 hours 56 minutes ago

Mushtaq Naik
Sr. System Administration (Windows Servers)

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