IT Officer in Bank - Computer Science Questions Online Test

The____directory is mandatory for every disk
None of these
The ____ converts digital signals to analog signals for the purpose of transmitting data over telephone lines
In the online world of electronic commerce, what do the initials CEM stands for ?
Costly E-Commerce Marketing
Customer Experience Management
Customer Experience Misleading
Cost Estimates are Mind Boggling
The fastest 1/0 of RAID (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks) is --
Level - 1
Level - 0
Level - 3
Level - 4
RSA is –
Symmetric Cryptosystem
Asymmetric Cryptosystem
Block Cypher
Digital Signature
Compiler is a ---
System Software
Application Software
Digital Signature consists of –-
( A ) Message Only
( B ) Random Number Only
Both (A) and (B)
None of these
A communication processor that connects dissimilar networks by providing the translation from one set of protocol to another is –
Smart Card is –
Processing unit for software handling
Processing unit contains memory for storing data
Microprocessor Cards
Special purpose Cards
The word “FTP’ stands for –
File Transfer Protocol
File Typing Protocol
File Transit Protocol
File Translate Protocol
The nucleus of all software activity is –
Word Processing Application
Database Application
Operating System
A collection of raw facts is called –
‘PIN’ in Smart Card is called ---
Personal Index Number
Permanent Identification Number
Permanent Index Number
Personal Identification Number
The usage of word “ATM” in the banks connotes –
Automatic Teller Machine
Accounts Transacting Machine
Automated Tallying Machine
Automated Teller Machine

Hi Friends this is the series 2 on computer science questions . This is more of little advance level and requires some knowledge of computer science .


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