French tenses Online Test

Find out what the best translation is for: "They hope that she comes back next year"

Choose the correct one for "We didn't like this film"

Find the correct sentence for "It rained a lot yesterday"

How do French people say "i didn't know

Find the correct translation of "He wasn't ready

What's the best way to say: "He left at 5 oclock"?

Choose the right translation for "You're not hungry"

Find the correct translation: He was doing his homework when they arrived

Find the correct translation: He didn't believe me

How would the French say: "When I was a child, I couldn't speak French

Choose the correct translation of: "I talked to my brother"


Find out which French tense corresponds to the English



6 of 11, not bad for a man who doesn't know French past tenses at all except passé composé.
Merci pour ce test, Stephen!

4394 days 5 hours 56 minutes ago

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