Linux Practice Test

A customer wants internal office information to be accessible by employees through a Web browser. Which of the following Linux services should be used?

Which of the following should be done before installing Linux on a home computer?

Which of the following packages is usually more important for a "workstation" installation than a "server" installation?

A new employee having a problem with account login has the following entry in the /etc/passwd file:

user1:*:51:501:John Doe:/home/user1:/bin/bash

After having worked for several months, a PC fails to boot and indicates that the HDD has bad sectors. Which is the first action to take?

A customer wants to determine which TCP ports are in use on his Linux server. Which of the following commands should be used?

A Linux superuser is unable to delete a file. The user is also unable to change permission for the file. What is the problem?

Which of the following commands can be used to save and resume editing the file in the vi editor?

A system technician needs to determine which hardware modules are loaded on a particular Linux server. Which of the following commands will perform this task?

What is the first step in troubleshooting a system problem?




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