Relaxation of inter-sol charges are handled through menu option?

For credit card application sourcing menu option is

The revised Income Criteria for issuance of Classic or Gold cards for the salaried applicant is as under:

With a view to extend the Merchant Acquiring Business through PoS( Point of Sale Terminal), Bank has entered into tie-up arrangement with which of the following company(ies):

For the current year i.e. from 01.01.2010 to 31.12.2010, the Group Personal Accident Policy has been obtained from which of the Insurance companies:

The ONS Menu option HRRCDM is used for:

The following menu option can be used to re-categorize an account in CBS:

The time period after which the HRMS system will prompt warning to update the basic information about the employee:

The minimum password length required for HRMS:

The technique employed by scamsters to illegally procure personal information like account numbers, Internet banking user ids and passwords, etc. is called:

The menu options that should be used by the branches to collect locker rent from the customer are:

In HRMS Password gets locked, in case _______ attempts to log in are made with wrong password.

The New MIS Code for loan a/c where Redrawal is sanctioned :

The CBS branches can generate the Interest failure status report using the menu option:

The order of the various steps involved in signature scanning is as under:

With a view to provide un-interrupted customer service in the event of intra-day loss of connectivity a new menu option has been released in Finacle out of these:

What is the web mode to view all the accounts linked to a Customer Id using menu option CUMM.

The inward remittances can be handled thorough the following web based arrangements:

The following option can be used to view the History of Re-phased loan account number.

Bank has introduced a new value added service of providing free SMS alerts to all our Debit Card holders. These SMS alerts would be issued for all entries of Rs.______ and above undertaken through ATMs or the Internet Banking Service.

___________ utility offers the facility of collection of fee/charges etc for any institute with whom the bank has tied up for this purpose from any of the CBS branches across the country.

For freezing debit operations in all the accounts having balance of more than Rs 50,000 and KYC Non Compliant, freeze reason code will be

Which statement is incorrect in reference to ASBA?

HACI menu in CBS is used for

Which of the following ONS menu is available in CBS?

If loan amount is above Rs. 50 Lacs & granted under retail category, CBS user needs to feed

If in a scheme, interest needs to be reset after a predefined period, which statement is incorrect in reference to a CBS A/c?

Account has been opened by using wrong CUST ID and no transaction has been generated in the account. To view who has opened the account and who has verified the account which of the following menu option will be used ?

Ledger print out of office account can be taken by using which of following menu option?

DBA in branch should use which of the following menu option at the time of day begin ?

Menu option for opening other banks current account is

Menu option for outward clearing transaction maintainence is

ECSM is the menu option for

CBS Menu for inventory movement between locations is

Menu option for stop payment processing is

LNM is the menu option for

LARSH is the menu option for

TACBSH is the menu option used to change the





Term latency period is related to which of the following ?

What is the menu option to hotlist a debit Card ?

In CBS, INFENG relates to -

The menu option for creation of Customer Id is -

A user, with a single work class can have how many logins into CBS?

To login to Finacle application, the user needs a user Id and a password. This password

should have a minimum of __

2. What is the maximum AMOUNT & limit of transactions in case of transfer of funds through ATM ?

1. What is the time period for credit of collection of govt business in Govt. account ?

In order to access the World Wide Web you need: Answer 4

An operating system is: Answer 5

Which one works as an output and input device? Answer 2

Which one is not an output device?

A user, with a single work class can have how many logins into CBS?

(1) 1 (2) 2 (3) 3 (4) 4 (5) 5

What is the new interest table code which has been defined in Finacle for implementing guidelines for Kisan Credit Card accounts?

Prayaas Staff Incentive Scheme is related to

How secondary connectivity will be provided as per BCP of Centralized Clearing Processing?

What will be the key word to be entered while uploading the Facsimile Signatures in the CBS System?

The ad hoc limits are granted through menu option:

In application server at DC the package running is

PNBINSTAREMIT is the functionalities of which of the following


Through Internet banking which of the following can not be done

What is the maximum amount that can be paid to customer without asking for under taking in case of loss of connectivity?


PNB has launched Mobile Banking for the benefit of our Retail Customers. This service will allow the customers to view their accounts and make transactions through use of Mobile device. Based on different handsets available in the market, 3 flavors are available in the service: Manual SMS, Thin Client and Thick Client. Presently, the transaction limits are Rs. 50000/- per day per customer. Menu option for PNB Mobile Banking Services is


PMS is a post sanction credit monitoring online system containing number of parameters and signals. It enables the lender to judge health of the borrowal account on continuous basis. On the basis of numerical score assigned, PMS index score is calculated and health of the account is judged. PMS is substitute to Quarterly Review Sheet (QRS).PMS is applicable in the accounts having aggregate limit of above Rs. ?

Drawing of CIRs shall be mandatory for borrowers and guarantors/co-obligants (both Consumer & Commercial category accounts), requiring fresh credit facilities before sanctioning of facilities as well as at the time of renewal/review/enhancement of such facilities.WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING ARE NOT EXEMPTED FOR DRAWING OF CR UNDER CIBIL?

PNB SPARSH site relates to complaints and requests of customers. As and when any complaint or request is received from any customer about any branch by the Help Desk/Toll free number of our Bank (18001802222 and 0124 2340000), the same is loaded to this site, which can be accessed by the branch.Which of the following statements is incorrect?

ASBA is ADDITIONAL MODE OF PAYMENT THROUGH APPLICATION SUPPORTED BY BLOCKED AMOUNT.The link is used for applying public issues. It contains an authorization to block the application money in bank account. Our bank is now registered with ------------------ as Self Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB). SCSB is a bank which offers facility of applying through ASBA process.

Rule Based lending is a policy of determining/calculating a point of scale on the basis of which Retail loans are sanctioned/disbursed. This facilitates quick decisions and loan processing time is reduced. It also enables uniform processing of loans based on Score.Which of the following statements relating to Rule Based lending is incorrect?

The services of E-mail can be availed through CBS link. We can receive and send messages not only in PNB branches but to/from other sites also.For example,

E-mail address of BO: Industrial Area, Ludhiana having D. No. 302 is

What is true about this statement:

“All users in a SOL can do Inter-SOL transactions”

By using which of the following option enquiry on the exception raised by system can be made?

Select the correct match of action & menu options

In Finacle, cheque books can be issued from any SOL

In Finacle, it is possible to create Transactions for future date

What is the correct combination to upload bulk records in Finacle

SENSRPT is the menu option to get

The process of ____________ involves automated study of consumer buying patterns in order

to support marketing, inventory replenishment, and pricing decisions.

A proxy server is used for which of the following?

Which of following correctly defines the term E-Banking

While entering a transaction in term loan account which code is required?

The activation of retail user id in corporate internet banking is done through

Interest rate change advice can be generated through which of the following menu option?

PAN structure is as follows: AAAAA9999A: First five characters are letters, next 4 numerals, last character letter

Each assesse is uniquely identified by the PAN.What does the fourth digit in pan card stand for?

A sequence of bits appended to a digital document that is used to secure an e-mail sent through the Internet is called a:

If product code is deleted from the account number how many remaining digits are there?

House loan under simple rate of interest can be opened by which of the following menu option?

Inquiry can be made on account opened between two dates by using which of the followings menu option?

SPSD [Service Plus Service Desk is online helpdesk which provides solution to the problems and clarification wherever required by the end users.Under SPSD a user does not have the facility to

Banks have to maintain minimum capital as per Basel accord. Complete switchover has taken place from Basel-I to Basel-II w.e.f 31.03.2008 .The major difference between the two is that under Basel II CRAR(Capital to risk weighted asset ratio) is calculated for which types of risks ?

FINDNA software refers to-

PNB’s Credit Card holder on making purchases such as a buying a new TV or a computer; or shop for Jewellery or paying for their vacations or any emergency Hospital bills can plan their repayment options through EMI Plan formulated for PNB’s Credit Card holders.MARK THE INCORRECT STATEMENT.

CAD stands for


Memory which forgets every thing when you switch off the power is known as

Which functional key is used to invoke Background menus

Work class of Incumbent Incharge in Finacle is

FTP in computer language stands for which of the followings?

The Internet Banking Services offers which of the following features to all the customers

The World Travel Card is a Pre-Paid foreign currency card (USD/GBP/EUR) and will be usable at all ATMs/POS across the globe (except Nepal and Bhutan) to the extent of the funds (USD/GBP/EUR) loaded in it.

WTCSUR is the menu option for

To change the service outlet of an employee which of the following menu option will be used?

Menu option WIALL is used for which of followings?

KCM is the menu option which is used to maintenance which of the followings?







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