French - Intermediate Level Online Test

You are in France, you are lost and you ask someone in the street if they can help you find your way, what would you say first?

You are at a baker's shop and you want to buy a strawberry pie, what would you say?

You meet a French friend in the street and you want to say "The weather's not good today", what would you say?

What is the proper way to say "I watch television at home every Sunday"

What is the proper way to say "They stayed at home yesterday?'

What would you tell the waiter after a meal at the restaurant?

What is the French for "I am hungry and thirsty"?

What's can you read on the French sign "Don't smoke"?

What is the best way to say "I don't like pasta"?

How would the French say "In the summer it's very hot"?

You are about to buy a nice shirt and you ask the shop keeper: "How much is it?", what would you say?


Find the correct way of saying the following very used sentences


anju joshi

i don't kno french ....but i m tryin to learn it..thanks for da test...

4361 days 10 hours 4 minutes ago

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