Zoology for medical entrance tests

A green plant observed under red light would appear

Mongolosm in man is due to

The number of different types of gametes produced by an individual with the genotype Aa Bb Cc Dd is

Active immunity is produced when

The strands of DNA molecule are antiparallel because of

The two additional cranial nerves present in mammals are

The corpus luteum secretes

In the female rat ovulation occurs immediately after the release of

Triple vaccine is a prophylactic measure against

The species which are vulnerable to extinction would have the following combination of characteristics


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Zoology test



what is mongolosm in man? I don't know please help me

2224 days 22 hours 2 minutes ago


maam i m in 12 now and i m going to give a medical entrance basicaaly this here they have decided that cet portion is only coming from 12 protion so plz help out that should i read every lesson deeply and understand it ya read and byheard the excerise question.. and plzzz hepl me out and how should i prepare for cet entrance that i would score higher marks

2489 days 22 hours 42 minutes ago


plant kept in red light will appear black as itll absorb red light
plants appear green because they absorb red light and reflect green light

2967 days 14 hours 31 minutes ago


hey ma'am i m in 12th n wanna giv medical entrance nxt yr....could u pls tell me how to study for it or ny tips

2993 days 18 hours 37 minutes ago

teresa angel

very helpful

4041 days 15 hours 31 minutes ago


bekar test.....wrng answers

4088 days 16 hours 58 minutes ago

Shilpa DN
Zoology Teacher
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