Biology test for PMT practice

Garner and Allard are related with

The Singer model of Plasma membrane differs from Robertson's model in the

Mitochondria are rich in

Foldings of inner membrane of mitochondria are called

Which of the following substances is actively secreted into the glomerular filtrate of the kidney tubule?

Holocene is

Haeckel's theory of recapitulation (Biogenetic Law) means that

Red- Green colour blindness appears due to

In what physical form the glycogen is found in cells

Blatta orientalis can be distinguished from Periplaneta americana in that the female of Blatta is with


Test your Basic Knowledge in Biology


Okhema Francis

can anyone discuss this lab to me: to find the density of an irregular shape object (measurement)

2739 days 14 hours 44 minutes ago


mam can u explain me abt ulatrafiltration question . i always has doubts on it i dont 9 wich elements r secreted and wich are not

3897 days 6 hours 32 minutes ago


One thing i know is that mitochondria is rich with iron because of easy transportation of electrons as the ETS operates in the mitochondria....
But the answer is molybdenum...
Please clarify me on this...

3928 days ago

diksha sharma

test was good mam.....mam actually i m preparing for manipal test if u give some tests related to it then it will be ur's great help plz plz plz plz give these tests in 1 or 2 days plzzzzzzzzzzzzz mam.........thanks

4039 days 44 minutes ago


that was a good test will give us a boost to our aim thanks mam

please give some more test for our practise

4228 days 1 hours 37 minutes ago


I like it but it is mostly of Human I am not a human Bio student I couldn't answer properly.

4258 days 4 hours 50 minutes ago

smitakhee kashyap

thank you mam ,for adding various important questions related to biology.

4303 days 23 hours 10 minutes ago

Shilpa DN
Zoology Teacher
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