Accounting:Capital and Revenue Expenditures Online Test

Revenue expenditure is that expenditure which :

The distinction between capital and revenue is necessary for the preparation of :

Revenue receipt is that receipt which:

Capital expenditure is that expenditure which:

Insurance paid due to erection of machinery is debited to:

Amount paid for acquiring land title is:

Which of the following is a revenue expenditure?

Which payment should be treated as revenue expenditure in the accounts of a hotel?

Which of the following is a revenue expenditure?

In the case of a vehicle retailer, which of the following is capital expenditure?

In case of a newsagent, which of the following is a revenue receipt?

If, in the case of an engeering firm, the cost of acquiring a vehicle is inadvertantly debited to the motor expenses account in the general ledger, then

Share premium recieved on issue of shares is a :

Which of the following is not a revenue expenditure?

What is an example of capital expenditure?

Amount received from sale of equipment is :

A firm has purchased a truck costing 20000$ . The following expenditure was also incurred in this regard:

Registration 500$

For writing the company name 700$

For painting 1200$

For petrol 150$

Salary to driver 250$

How much would be recorded in the motor van account?

XYZ Ltd. replaced all the tyres of it's van . It should be recorded as:

It is necessary to distinguish between revenue and capital expenditure.When this distiction must be made?

X is a retailer dealing in electrical goods. Which should he regard as capital income?


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