Zoology for medical entrance exams Online Test

During the follicular phase of a normal menstural cycle, ovarian changes occur which are due to pituitary secretions of

Body temperature is regulated by the

Rh- related hemolytic anemia of the new born (erythroblastosis foetalis) may result when the

The most numerous Leukocytes are

An aggregation of nrve cell bodies inside the CNS is typically called a

All of the following may be considered as secondary sexual characterstics of male except

Characters of epithelial tissue may include

Characterstics which are common to the Arthropod, Mollusk, Echinoderm and Chordat lines are

A hog breeder would use a back cross to

The developing embryo is a one cell thick hollow sphere of cells during ________ stage


Answer these questions to analyse your level of knowledge in Zoology



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Sandhya Rani

Good afternoon ma'am I want to prepare for NEET exam so plz help me to prepare well in Genetics and Nueral control&coordination,evolution. .

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I want minimum 40 questions atleast to prepare for eamcet please upload some more questions

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i enjoyed a lot during giving the answers of the questions

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need some more questions

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pls give some questions from genetics

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