Project Scope Management Online Test

Which of the following best describes decomposition?

The project management information system should first be used on a project during which of the following processes?

One way to evaluate the project schedule performance is to

Scope verification occurs at the end of the project to

The scope change control system defines the procedures by which the project scope and product scope can be changed. Accordingly, it should be documented in the—

A work Package is

Change is inevitable on projects. Uncontrolled changes are often referred to as

Which of the following is not true about MBO?

An output of “Define Scope” process is:

Scope verification:

Which of the following statements is true about the WBS?

What is the WBS typically used for?

The following is true about the WBS:

An approved change request impacting project scope is:

Which of the following is not an output of scope change control?

All of the following are true about the project scope statement EXCEPT:

There is only one level of the WBS with no parent. That level would be the—

Your customer signed off on the requirements definition document and scope statement of your video game project last month. Today she stated she would like to make it an interactive game that can be played on a television and on a computer. This represents a requested scope change that, at a minimum—

The scope baseline on the project consists of all but which of the following?

Of the following, which one is not an input to scope change control?

Both Scope verification and Quality control are concerned with deliverables. The primary difference between the two is

Monitoring of project’s ongoing activities is done against

The review of deliverables and project performance at the conclusion of a project phase is called

The 80-hour rule states that

The project charter should be issued by

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