Business Management: UGC NET(Mgmt Info Sys) 10 Online Test

GDSS software tools that allow individuals to simultaneously and anonymously contribute ideas on the meeting topics are called
Electronic questionnaires
Tools for voting or setting priorities
Electronic brainstorming tools
Idea organizers
An interactive computer based system to facilitate the solution to unstructured problems by a set of decision makers working together as a group best describes a (n):
Group decision support system
Decision-support system
Executive support system
Geographic information system
A system with software that can analyze and display data using digitized maps to enhance planning and decision-making best describes:
Geographic information system
Executive support system
Demographic analysis system
Location analysis system
DSS can be applied for:
Identifying customer buying patterns and fraud detection
Price, advertising, and promotion
Defense contract analysis
Corporate planning and forecasting
Which of the following is not a true statement?
Using information technology, managers can obtain information on organizational performance down to the level of specific transactions from just about any location
Systems linking a company to its customers , distributors, or suppliers are termed interorganizational systems
The web is increasingly being used for business-to business transactions
Fortunately, the Internet is not requiring organizations to redefine their business models
A marketplace that is created by computer and communications technologies that link many buyers and sellers defines
Electronic commerce
Electronic market
World Wide Web
A system with universally accepted standards for storing; retrieving, formatting, and displaying information in a networked environment best defines
A web site
A web location
The World Wide Web
An intranet
The manufacturing function
Sells the organization’s products and services
Produces products and services
Maintains the organization’s financial records
Attracts, develops, and maintains the organization’s labor force
The type of system that rests on accepted and fixed definitions of data and procedures for collecting, storing, processing, disseminating and using these data is called a (n)
Informal system
Formal system
A flattened, decentralized flexible arrangement of generalists who rely on nearly instant information to deliver mass-customized products and services uniquely suited to
Specific markets or customers best describes
The emergence of a global economy
The transformation of the business enterprise
The transformation of industrial economies
The lack of competition In the marketplace
Each of the following is a true statement except
Knowledge and information work now account for a significant 60 percent of the American gross national product and nearly 55 percent of the labor force
New kinds of knowledge and information intense organizations have emerged that are devoted entirely to the production, processing, and distribution of information
While knowledge and information-intense products require a great deal of knowledge to produce, traditional products do not rely heavily on knowledge and technology
Information systems are needed to optimize the flow of information and knowledge within the organizations and to help management maximize the firms knowledge of resources
An information system at the strategic level of an organization designed to address unstructured decision making through advanced graphics and communications best describe a (n)
Decision support system
Executive support system
Management information system
Group decision supp0ort system
Contingencies affecting the outcome of group meetings include
The design of an electronic meeting system and its technology
The nature of the group
The manner in which the problem is presents to the group
All of the above
Models that ask “what if” questions repeatedly to determine the impact of changes in one or more factors on outcomes best describes:
Optimization analysis
Sensitivity analysis
Each of the following is a DSS component EXCEPT:
Software system
User interface
Inference engine

This test is on Business Management. Through this students are offered a series of 12 tests on Management Information System and System Analysis. This series is useful for the aspirants who are preparing for UGC NET for their Research Pursuance. Nevertheless, MBA students can take up this series for testing their management aptitude, as well.


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