Business Management: UGC NET(Mgmt Info Sys) 7 Online Test

Which type of video conferencing occurs when people at the receiving sites can talk to people at the transmitting site, while everyone views the same video images?
One-way video and audio
One-way video and two-way audio
Two-way video and audio
Two-way video and one-way audio
Which term was introduced because it seemed like an appropriate way to describe how employees could electronically “commute” to work?
Which management level includes the president and vice-president of the firm?
Strategic planning level
Management control level
Tactical planning level
Operational control level
Which of the following is not a reason for the tremendous growth in ERP software during the late 1990s
The ease in achieving enterprise-wide systems
The Y2K problem
The flurry of corporate merger activity
The ‘follow the leader’ competitive strategy
The system that allows managers to use technology to self-manage some of the clerical tasks that supported a manager in the 1960s is referred to as :
Decision support systems
Management information systems
Artificial intelligence
Personal productivity systems
The activity of providing machines as computers with the ability to display behavior similar to tat of an intelligent human is referred to as:
Artificial intelligence
Group decision support systems
Management information systems
Decision support systems
In an MIS model, which of the following components does information not flow through?
Information processor
Report writing software
Mathematical models
The type of system that would not interact with customers or managers or anyone else is referred to as a (n):
Open system
Open-loop system
Closed system
Closed-loop system
Which of the following is not part of the physical system of the firm?
Which statement is false concerning Moore’s Law?
The term was named for Gordon Moore
Gordon Moore was one of the founders of IBM
In the 1960s the storage density of integrated circuits on a silicon doubled about every year
Today, when we speak of Moore’s Law we refer to the doubling of computer power every 18 months.
Achieving connectivity requires standards for
Operating systems
User interfaces
All of the above
An international standard for transmitting voice, video, image, and data to support a wide range of services over public telephone lines describes
Frame relay
Packet switching
How did the concept of the virtual office get its start?
Office automation
A network topology in which all computers are linked by a closed loop in a manner that passes data in one direction one computer to another describes the
Ring network
Bus network
Star network
Hybrid network
Which information system is intended to meet the general information needs of managers throughout the firm?
Management information system
Information resources information system
Executive information system
Financial information system

This test is on Business Management. Through this students are offered a series of 12 tests on Management Information System and System Analysis. This series is useful for the aspirants who are preparing for UGC NET for their Research Pursuance. Nevertheless, MBA students can take up this series for testing their management aptitude, as well.


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