Business Management: UGC NET(Mgmt Info Sys) 6 Online Test

Key applications that facilitate electronic commerce and electronic business include
Voice mail
Facsimile machines
Digital information services
All of the above
Which of the following is not a guiding principle for achieving hoteling?
Design space for functional needs
Pay the employee travel expenses for coming to the office
Decrease the number of enclosed office spaces
Eliminate assigned offices
A chat service that allows participants to create their own private chat channels so that a person can be alerted whenever someone on his or her private list is on-line to initiate a chat session with that particular individual best describes
Data conferencing
Instant messaging
The person in charge of an organization’s Web site is called a
Web site manager
Page master
Chief information officer
Which statement is false regarding the Three I economy?
The demand for skyscrapers and commuters will decrease
Top management must have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the Three I Economy
Today, almost every firm’s activities encompass more information, ideas and intelligence than in previous years
Education and government must be dedicated to the change
Hardware and software placed between an organization internal network and an external network to prevent outsiders from invading private networks is referred to as a
Cyber blockade
The use of the internet for telephone voice service is called
Internet telephony
Internet relay Chat
Instant messaging
A secure connection between two points across the internet to transmit corporate data, providing a low cost alternative to a private network, best describes
Wide area network
Virtual private network
Digitally secure line
Which of the following companies is using the internet to reduce agency costs?
Beam Scope
Federal Express
Oracle Corporation
The removal of organization or business process layers responsible for certain intermediary steps in a value chain best describes
Disinter mediation
Value chain separation
Which of the following is the Internet Business Model where buyers can view rates and terms, but the primary business activity is to complete the transaction?
Virtual storefront
On-line exchange
Transaction broker
Reverse auction
Which of the following is the Internet Business Model where consumers submit a bid to multiple sellers to buy goods and services at a buyer-specified price?
Virtual storefront
On-line exchange
Transaction broker
Reverse auction
Companies can perform interactive marketing by
Using special Web site auditing software capable of tracking the number of hits to their Web sites and the Web pages of greater interest to visitors
Using the Web and Internet capabilities to create ongoing dialogues with their customers
Using the web to obtain information about visitors by asking them to register online and provide information about them
Doing all of the above
Organization unit that support the end users in the organization
Information center
Processing unit
Hardware center
All of the above
Software package that allows the end user to built and manipulate analytical models of business activities
Electronic spread sheet
Integrated packages
DSS software
All the above

This test is on Business Management. Through this students are offered a series of 12 tests on Management Information System and System Analysis. This series is useful for the aspirants who are preparing for UGC NET for their Research Pursuance. Nevertheless, MBA students can take up this series for testing their management aptitude, as well.


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