Business Management: UGC NET(Mgmt Info Sys) 4 Online Test

Which of the following are widely used accounting information systems
Order processing
Accounts receivable
Both 1 and 2
Only 2
Use of computers and systems to operate a petroleum refinery
Machine control
Process control
Computer integrated systems
Information systems to support staffing, training and development and compensation administration
Human recourse information systems
Support systems
Employee development
None of these
Process of controlling various actions of machines is called
Process control
Machine control
Both 1 and 2
During the past few years which business area has probably devoted more attention to strategic planning than have most of the other business areas?
Information services
Human resources
Goal of computer-integrated systems is to
Simplify various processes
Automate business functions
Both 1 and 2
None of these
Which of the following are transaction documents
Information documents
Action documents
Turnaround documents
All the above
Which statement is false regarding legacy systems?
Data captured by legacy systems produces primarily information describing what happened in the past
Data captured by legacy systems is still valuable
Legacy data cannot be converted to new technologies
Some legacy data may only exist as paper printouts
Which of the following are important characteristics of real time systems
Data is processed as soon as generated
Files are updated while transactions is processed
Response time/turnaround time are few seconds
All the above
When information does not have to be 100% accurate, which dimension of information is in use?
When transaction data is accumulate over a period of time and processed periodically is called
Batch processing
Real time processing
Electronic data processing
Both 2 & 3
In the traditional communication chain, who communicates directly with the database administrator, systems analyst, and network specialist?
Fare all source documents for the end users except
Purchase orders
Machine readable media
Sales orders
Payroll time sheet
Transaction processing systems are the systems that
Process the various systems in the organization
Process data resulting from occurrence of business transactions
Process data related to strategic decision
One of these
What type of firm is an open system that seeks to minimize the uncertainty that its environment imposes?
Global corporation
Strategic corporation

This test is on Business Management. Through this students are offered a series of 12 tests on Management Information System and System Analysis. This series is useful for the aspirants who are preparing for UGC NET for their Research Pursuance. Nevertheless, MBA students can take up this series for testing their management aptitude, as well.


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