Business Management: UGC NET(Mgmt Info Sys) 3 Online Test

When the firm seeks to meet the needs of its worldwide customers with standardized products, it is referred to as:
Centralized control strategy
Decentralized control strategy
Distribution control strategy
Centralized expertise strategy
Good DSS use
Analytical modals
Decision makers own insight and judgments
An interactive computer modeling process to support making of semi structured and unstructured decisions by individual managers
All the above
When the parent and subsidies work together in formulating strategies and operating policies, as well as in coordinating the logistics of getting the products to the right markets, it is referred to as :
Centralized control strategy
Centralized control and distributed expertise strategy
Decentralized control strategy
Distribution control strategy
Which of the following statements are false regarding feasibility study
It is a study which help you to lay down the budgets for new system development
It is a study to investigate workability of systems and impact of recourses on organization
It is a preliminary study to investigate the information needs of the perspective users
It is a study which help you to predict users acceptability of systems
Which phase of the systems approach consists of identifying a problem to be solved and then understanding it?
Preparation effort
Problem effort
Definition effort
Solution effort
Process of using graphics and model based techniques for studying the system is called
Structural analysis
System analysis
Model driven analysis
Both 1 and 2
Which of the following is true
System development is only concerned with development of new system
Prototyping is a technique of gathering information by model driven approach
You cannot develop and run a system until an unless previous systems are halted
None of the above
Cohesion forces are the forces which exits between
Two different nodules of same programme
Two different modules of different programmes
Among various instructions with in the module
None of the above
System maintenance is a
Corrective action
Preventive action
Adjustment action
All of the above
Logical design of the system is
Logical relationship between two or more systems
Design showing the systematic flow of data in the system in the form of flowcharts and DFDs
Helps in writing down the various programs for the systems
Both 1 and 2
Which of the following is the strategic sources of information gathering for systems analysis
Delphi method
All the above
Which of the following statements are not true regarding implementation phase of SDLC
During this stage system is build and tested to ensure it performs as designed
Systems new files and documents are made confining the new systems requirements
Training plans are developed to teach users how to use the new systems
Old systems in the organization are turned off and new one turned on which may include direct turnover approach
Which of the following is not the element of DFD
Data flows
External entity
Data store
None of these
Diagrams that shows overall business process as just one process and show the data flow to and from external entities is
Context diagram
Level 0 diagram
Level 1 diagram
Level 2 diagram
When clients are personal computers on a local area network and server computer is a server on the same network is called
Client server architecture
Client based architecture
Server based architecture
Computing architecture

This test is on Business Management. Through this students are offered a series of 12 tests on Management Information System and System Analysis. This series is useful for the aspirants who are preparing for UGC NET for their Research Pursuance. Nevertheless, MBA students can take up this series for testing their management aptitude, as well.


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