Maths CCE - Real Numbers Online Test

What are Rational Numbers ?

Select most suitable answer.

A decimal in which a digit or a set of digits repeat periodically , is called a ________________

Every natural number is a whole number

0 is a rational number

Product of a rational and irrational is ______________________

Difference of a rational and an irrational is irrational

A real number's square is

For all positive real numbers a and b , we have






Sum of two irrational numbers

Every terminating decimal is a rational number



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2090 days 35 minutes ago


seperti karbon, sulfur, fosfor, silikon, serta kotoran seperti tanah liat, pasir, dan tanah.
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Genset Malang

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Tushar Gupta

very good test and intresting test

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Sum of two irrational numbers.
Answer: a) is always irrational

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not bad

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Very obvious questions

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Diksha Jindal

fabulous test

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very nice

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very nice

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