Human Resource Management - Basic Test

Labor standards are used to
Determine labor requirements
Understand costs
Determine what constitutes a fair day’s work
Labor standards are used for all of the above
Which of the following is not an example of the visual workplace?
SPC charts
Visual kanbans
All of the above are examples of the visual workplace
A flow diagram is
Used to analyze the movement of people or materials
A way of improving utilization of an operator and a machine
A chart depicting right – and left-hand motions
Used to examine the ergonomics of a job
Which of the following is not a limitation of job expansion
Higher capital costs
Individual differences
Lower wage rates
Smaller labor pool
Which of the following will not improve team effectiveness?
Provide management support
Ensure the necessary training
Endorse clear objectives and goals
All of the above will improve team effectiveness
Types of more varied job design include all of the following except
Job enlargement
Job rotation
Employee empowerment
All of the above provide a more varied job design
When demand for your product fluctuates and yet you maintain a constant level of employment, some of your cost savings might include
Reduction in hiring costs
Reduction in termination costs
Unemployment insurance
All of the above
All of the following are examples of external stakeholders of a company except
Local government
The fourth element in a SWOT analysis is
Internal threats
External threats
Internal trials
External trials
Which of the following are issues for managing culture in an international arena?
Human Resource Management
Evaluating success
All of the above
Which of the following organizational culture(s) was/were developed by Deal & Kennedy?
Process culture
Power culture
Person culture
Process and power cultures
Power and person cultures
Symbols in organizations can include which of the following?
Job title
Private health insurance
Company car
All of the above
The work hard/play hard culture is typically found in which type of organization or industry?
Fast food restaurants
Entertainment industry
Oil exploration industry
Civil service
Consultancy companies
Which of the following apply to the process culture?
Rapid feedback and high risk
Slow feedback and low risk
Rapid feedback and low risk
Slow feedback and high risk
Which of the following help determine national culture?
Language, religion and education
Political philosophy, economic philosophy and social structure
Ceremonies, stories and values
Answers 1 and 2
Answers 2 and 3
Labor specialization assists in the reduction of labor costs by
Development of dexterity
Less loss of time from changing jobs or tools
Development of specialized tools
All of the above assist in the reduction of labor costs
Which of the following does not relate to work scheduling?
Flexible workweek
Part-time status
Labor standards are necessary to determine which of the following?
The steps necessary to perform a task
Cost and time estimates prior to production
The amount of raw materials to be consumed in the process
The machines required by the process
A pay system that rewards employees for developing knowledge or skill is a
Piece- rate system
Measured day work system
Knowledge-based system
Profit sharing system
The difference between job enrichment and job enlargement is that
Enlarged jobs contain a larger number of similar tasks, while enriched jobs include some of the planning and control necessary for job accomplishment
Enriched jobs contain a larger number of similar tasks, while enlarged jobs include some of the planning and control necessary for job accomplishment
Enriched jobs enable an employee to do a number of boring jobs instead of just one
All of the above
Job enrichment
Includes job enlargement
Includes a modest increase in pay
Is a concept promoted by Adam Smith and Charles Babbage in books they wrote
Includes some of the planning and control necessary for job accomplishment
Sensitivity training is a part of:
In house development
Behavior modeling
Organizational Development
None of these
In house development centers usually:
Combine class-room learning with in basket exercises
Combine class room training with behavior modeling
Combine behavior modeling with in basket exercises
None of these
Role-playing is the step of:
Behavior modeling
Transfer of training
Social reinforcement
All of these
Action learning gives:
Knowledge about job rotation
Managers time to work full time on projects, analyzing and solving problems in departments other than their own
Description of an organizational problem
All of these
Management Development is:
Attempt to improve performance by imparting knowledge
Attempt to improve performance by changing attitude or increasing skills
It refers to methods used to give new or present employees the skills they need to perform their jobs
1 & 2 are correct
2 & 3 are correct
Worker involvement programs are a part of:
Participative decision making
Team work & empowerment
Orientation & induction
All of these
On the job training includes:
Task analysis and performance analysis
Simulated training and vestibule training
Employee orientation
None of these
Apprenticeship training is a type of
On the job training
Off the job training
Both of these
None of these
Task analysis is a component of:
Selection procedure
Human resource planning
Training process
None of these
Orientation is one component of:
New-employee socialization process
None of these
Establish rapport and review the data are steps of:
Recruitment procedure
Interview procedure
Placement procedure
None of these
Graphology is
Polygraph tests
Paper and pencil tests
Handwriting analysis
None of these
Polygraph tests:
Are paper and pencil honesty tests
The detector tests
Handwriting tests
None of these
In an interview session:
Do not ask for employees
Do ask open ended questions
Do ask questions that can be answered “yes” or “no”
None of these
Contrast error means
Pressure to hire
Candidate order
Snap judgment
None of these
Snap Judgment
Is a common interviewing mistake, which can undermine interview usefulness?
Is the most consistent finding is that interviewers trends to jump to conclusion
None of these
Both 1 & 2
Most management teams use ‘appraisal’ but what is meant by this term?
A system used to improve the performance of personnel.
The main way in which an employees wages are determine(d)
A system of reward points offered by retailers to attract customer loyalty.
The evaluation of an individual employee’s performance over a given period of time.
In recent years autonomous working groups have come to pay an important part in many businesses. What are their essential features?
The group reports directly to the senior management above them in the hierarchy of the firm.
The creation of teams which have a high level of autonomy and control over their immediate working environment.
The bringing together of various individuals who have a common interest in solving certain problems.
A group of experts brought into research new ways of producing a product.
Authoritarian leadership is a term often seen in textbooks. What does it mean?
A style of leadership where the leader keeps a very tight control on all information and decision-making processes.
A system of leadership that allows maximum participation by all employees.
A chain of command that is flat and allows considerable personal freedom to make decisions.
The selling of debts to any agency, who take responsibility for their collection.
Demand for labor rises when which of the following occurs?
Wages rise
Wages fall
Demand for goods and services rises
Demand for goods and services falls
Wages rise in response to which of the following:
An increase in labour supply
An increase in labour demand
An increase in labour demand relative to supply
An increase in labour supply relative to demand
The type of labour market system that is closest to the simple competitive model of the labour market is which of the following?
Structured occupational labour market
Salaried internal labour market
Industrial internal labour market
Open external labour market
Internal promotion and career ladders are most highly developed in which of the following?
Structured occupational labour markets
Open external labour markets
Salaried internal labour markets
Industrial internal labour markets
The need for firm-specific training and skills encourages the development of an employment system based on which of the following?
Open external labour market
Internal labour market
Structured occupational labour market.
Low costs of labour turnover, low skill levels and ease of direct control of labour will predispose organizations towards an employment system based on which of the following?
Structured occupational labour market
Industrial internal labour market
Salaried internal labour market
Open external labour market
As Managing Director of a company, you need skilled workers but you have found that as soon as you train them they are lured away to competitors by the promise of higher wages. In the long run, your response is to do which of the following?
Redesign jobs to make skills and training more specific to your firm
Increase your recruitment and training budgets
Increase your own wage rate
Deskill the work as far as possible
What is meant by the term ‘management by objectives’?
A system of giving the authority to carry out certain jobs by those lower down the management hierarchy.
The system of management that is based on bringing together experts into a team.
The setting of objectives to bring about the achievement of the corporate goals.
The control of the organization by those in the ‘head office’.
A manager may delegate any of the following except
attendance at meetings to represent the department
Workforce planning involves all of the following except
Organizing the training of staff
Forecasting future personnel requirements
Examining production plans in a factory
Preparing and maintaining personnel records

This is a basic introductory test for people looking to check their Human Resource Management or People Management Skills.



i have aptitude test for HR Assistant in school

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how would be the human resource management

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What is a passing score?

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I have a doubt over ques no. 28, where it is stated that simulated and vestibule training is a type of ON THE JOB training which is not true whereas the anwer should be employee orientation.

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Great set of questions...Do you have any test that measures knowledge of Benefits?

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