Lesson 71. Past Unreal Online Test

If Jennifer had not studied for her test...
she may pass.
she might have not passed.
I could have said something,
If someone had asked me.
If someone asked me.
If it hadn't been for that extraordinary teacher,
I wouldn't be teaching here today.
I would have to teach last year.
The car might have broken down anyways,
no matter if we had taken it to the mechanic.
no matter if we take it to the mechanic.
If I had paid the credit card last month,
I wouldn't have to pay all these interests now.
I would pay all these interests now.
If I had been you,
I might have said "yes".
I might say "yes".
If my children had listened to me,
they wouldn't be in this difficult situation now.
they would have been a bad situation.
Fred could have helped Mary,
if she had called him before.
if she called him before.
You would be happy,
if you had received a present on your birthday.
If you will receive a present on your birthday.
The toy must have been on all day long
the battery is low.
the battery will be low.

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