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What is not true about Jonathan Swift?
By hard work Swift won enormous literary power.
Both Addison and Swift belong to the same period and wrote in the same manner.
Swift wrested political power from the hands of the Tories.
By his dominant personality, Swift had a curious power over women.
None of the above
In which book does Dickens portray the degradation and suffering of the poor in English work houses?
David Copperfield
Nicholas NIckleby
Oliver Twist
Little Dorrit
None of the above
What is Pope’s ‘Essay on Man’?
An Essay
A Poem
A Play
None of the above
Regarding Hardy’s poetry which of the following is true?
He wished to continue to be a poet.
His poems were not in the right mode.
No editor would take them.
He realized writing poetry was no way of livelihood.
All the above
Which of Hardy’s books has these characters- ‘Enoch the Trapper’, ‘Miss Fancy Day’,…….‘Grand Father Leaf’ and ‘Mrs. Penny’?
Northanger Abbey
Life and Habit
Under the Greenwood Tree
The Old Man and the Sea
The Return of the Native
Who wrote these lines when William Wordsworth became a Tory and accepted the office of a ‘Distributor of Stamps’?
Robert Burns
Robert Browning
Robert Brooke
Robert Southey
None of the above
Wordsworth’s ‘Lyrical Ballads’ was published in which year?
None of the above
Which of the following is a prose work by Spencer?
Mother Hubbard’s Tale
The View of Ireland
The Ruins of Time
The Fate of the Butterfly
None of the above
Spencer came to London with his poems on the advice of his friend Harvey, where he made the acquaintance of a person who was a favorite at the court and who helped him. Who was this person?
The Earl of Essex
The Earl of Leicester
Sir Philip Sydney
Francis Drake
None of the above
Edmund Spencer fell in love with a girl, but his love was not returned. What was this girl’s name?
None of the above
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This test is designed to asses the familiarity of the AP student with great British writers of English literature. English literature is a Pandora box of legends and legendary figures. Over a span of centuries British literature has seen different phases and has been divided into ‘Ages’ beginning with Chaucer. Here is an assortment of randomly chosen questions to test an AP English literature student’s general awareness of the development of different stages of English literature and his/her familiarity with great writers of different genres. This short test is prepared in the multiple choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English language



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