Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832): AP Literature Online Test

‘Life of Scott’ was written by:
None of the above
Which of these is not a novel by Scott?
Rob Roy
The Antiquary
Jane Eyre
Anne of Geierstein
What is the epithet applied to Walter Scott?
The King Maker
Prophesier of the things past
The Poets poet
The Dictator
None of the above
From which larger poetic work is Walter Scott’s ‘Lochnivar’ taken?
The Lady of the Last Minstrel
The Lady of the Lake
Selected Poems
None of the above
For which book is Sir Walter Scott best remembered?
The Bride of Lammermoor
Old Mortality
The Talisman
None of the above
‘The Talisman’ by Sir Walter Scott deals with:
Scottish folklore
Irish legends
The Crusaders
French folklore
None of the above
Walter Scott produced two novels based on the French. One is ‘Anne Geierstein’ which is the other?
Count Robert of Paris
Peveril of the Peak
Rob Roy
None of the above
Sir Walter Scott wrote whose biography besides writing ‘historical fiction’?
Queen Elizabeth I
The Duke of Marlborough
Horatio Nelson
Napoleon Bonaparte
None of the above
Sir Walter Scott wrote many moving Ballads. Which one given below is by him?
Lord Ullins Daughter
The Highway Man
None of the above
Sir Walter Scott’s first novel ‘Waverley’ was published anonymously in which year?
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Sir Walter Scott is considered as the ‘Father of Historical Novel’ in English literature, who represents the love for the revival of the past especially that of the middle ages, in English poetry. In his early years he developed a passion for Ballads and contributed largely to it by publishing a collection of ballads in 1802-1803 - ’Minstrelsy of Scottish Border’. He was better as a story teller rather than a lyric poet. His novels appealed to a wide circle and entirely captured the fancy of the day. This test is designed to asses the familiarity of AP students with the work of this great writer of English literature. This short test is prepared in the multiple choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English language

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