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Identify the below mentioned ratio which does not belongs to "Leverage Ratio"?

Below mentioned which are ratios are Liquidity Ratios?

" Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities " This formula belongs to which ratio?

You have the information that XXX Ltd. has declated 40% dividend. Which one of the following does it actually mean?

If a Trader's Sales amount to 18,000 and his gross profit 60% and net profit 40% of sales respectevely, which one of the following are his expenses if there is no indirect income?

Mr.Bond started a business on 1/1/1940 with a capital of 1,00,000. Bond's Capital on 31/12/1940 was 1,80,000. During the period he introduced further capital of 30,000 and withdrew from the business for domestic purpose 20,000. Which one of the following is the value of Bond's profit for the year ended 31/12/1940.

Purchases equal to

If Opening Stock is 10,000, Net Purchases - 70000, Wages - 2500, Carriage Inward - 500 and Closing Stock - 15000, which one of the following is the Merchandizing Cost?

Purchses - 1,00,000, Sales - 1,80,000, Closing Stock - 14,000 and Manafacturing Expenses - 10,000.

Which one of the following is the value of Opening Stock if the rate fo Gross Profit is 33.333% on Cost?

How is renewal fee for patent treated as ?

Given below are the income and expenses of an entity for the year 2009 :-

Fee received in Cash - 24,000, Accrued Fees - 6,000, Rent for Premises - 6,000, Outstanding Rent - 2,000, Staff Salary Paid - 6,000, Other Misc. Expenses Paid - 200 and Salary paid in advance - 1,000...............

Which one of the following is the amount of Income under accrual basis?

If assets of a business entity are 43,000, Liabilities - 3,000, Capital - 40,000 on 1st March 2009 and on that date is sold goods costing 4000 at rate 4,500 for Cash, which one of the following is the new accounting equation?


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