Origin of Earth and Geographical Time Scale Online Test

According to which of the following theory every thing in the universe emerged from a point known as singularity, 15 billion years ago
Big Bang Theory
Rotational and Tidal Hypothesis
Jupiter Sun Binary System
Inter-steller Cloud Hypothesis
Inter-Steller Cloud Hypothesis was given by
Otto schimidt
E.M. Drobyshevski
The formation of the planets of different consitituent materials and size is explained with the help of ‘Chemical-Condensation-Sequence Model’ of the
German scientists
American scientists
French scientists
British scientists
‘Jupiter-Sun Binary System Hypothesis’ was given by
E.M. Drobyshevski
Fon Vaischcer
According to which hypothesis, our sun during its ‘galactic revolution’ captured the dark matter of the universe?
Supernova hypothesis
Planetesimal hypothesis
Binary star hypothesis
Inter-steller dust hypothesis
Who among the following has proved on the basis of mathematical calculation that tidal hypothesis fails to explain the real distances between the sun and the planets in our present solar system?
B. Levin
N.N. Parisky
According to whom, initially there were two heavenly bodies (stars) in the universe-proto-sun and its companion star?
James Jeans
The Tidal Hypothesis is propounded by James Jeans and modified by
T. C. Chamberlin
Harold Jeffreys
F. S. Moulton
Devonian period had started before
46 crore years
44 crore years
42 crore years
40 crore years
In which period, red sandstone and limestone appeared and the rise in Calidonian Mountains took place?
Devonian period
Silurian period
Cambrian period
Carboniferous period
The subsidence of continents took place in the
Cambrian period
Silurian period
Devonian period
Ordovician period
Jurassic period is related to
Mesozoic era
Palaeozoic era
Neozoic era
Kainozoic era
Kainozoic era had started before
8 crore years
7.5 crore years
7 crore years
6.5 crore years
Which era is divided into three periods?
Kainozoic era
Neozoic or quarternary era
Mesozoic era
Palaeozoic era
The formation of Great Lakes of North America, lakes of Europe and the marshylands of Siberia took place in
Pleistocene period
Holocene period
Pliocene period
Ordovician period

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