Shakespearean Sonnets: AP English Literature Online Test

What is the rhyme scheme followed by Shakespeare in his sonnets?
Abab, bcbc, cdcd, ee
Abba, abba, cdcd, ee
Abab, cdcd, efef, gg
Abba, abba, cdcdcd
None of the above.
Which among the following is not true about Shakespearean sonnets?
A rare beauty of images is seen in the sonnets.
He chose Italian form for his sonnets.
There is a flawless perfection in style and versification.
Unsurpassable melody
A meditative energy.
Who wrote the following lines about Shakespearean sonnets? “Unlocked the heart”
Sir Philip Sydney
Francis Bacon
Charles lamb
What is true of Shakespearean sonnets?
He is bitter towards the Dark Lady.
They reveal emotional crisis of his life.
There is a strong biographical note in them.
He uses bitter images to describe the lady’s lustfulness.
All of the above.
The majority of Shakespearean sonnets were written in the year:
Who among the following was not a Shakespearean sonneteer?
Thomas Watson
Sir Philip Sydney
Edmond Spencer
Most of Shakespeare’s sonnets are dedicated to:
His wife
His father
Mr. W. H
Earl of Southampton
None of the above
Shakespearean sonnets were first printed by:
Thomas Thorpe
Ben Jonson
Francis Beaumont
John Fletcher
Shakespearean Sonnets are in the following form? I Three quatrains and a couplet II An octave and a sestet III In heroic couplet 
I only
II only
III only
I and II
I, II and III
Shakespeare composed a large number of sonnets. How many are they in all?
None of the above
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The Sonnet originated in Italy during the fourteenth century. It was originally a short poem, recited to the accompaniment of music. Sonnet comes from the Latin word ‘Sonetto’ which means little sound or strain. Petrarch and Dante were its chief exponent. Shakespeare the great dramatist has also written some sonnets. This short test is prepared in the multiple choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English literature.

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