Steam & Related Questions (Mechanical Engineering) 15 Online Test

All of the following aspects are true in relation to babcock-wilcox boiler, except
Size of the drum can be made small as it does not contain any water tube
Airculation of water is by convection currents
The bank of tubes is so inclined that the hottest of flue gases come in contact with hottest water
Rather difficult boiler inspection and replacement of boiler tubes
Which of the following is not a water tube boiler?
Stirling boiler
Benson boiler
Babcock-wilcox boiler
Scotish marine boiler
Mark the odd one out in the context of boiler classification into fire and water tube boilers
Cochran boiler
Lancashire boiler
Stirling boiler
Locomotive boiler
It is required to generate very large quantity of steam per hour at a comparatively low pressure. Which of the following boilers you would prefer to accomplish this task?
Benson boiler
Stirling boiler
Cornish boiler
Lancashire boiler
Identify the boiler which is capable of generating small quantity of steam per unit time at a high pressure
Locomotive boiler
Lancashire boiler
Babcock-wilcox boiler
Scotish marine boiler
Name the boiler which can generate superheated steam without additional accessories
Cornish boiler
Locomotive boiler
Lancashire boiler
Cochran boiler
Hemispherical configuration of the crown of a fire box
Is easy to fabricate
Provides maximum space
Gives maximum strength
Resists intense heat
Which is a correct statement in the context of difference between a Lancashire boiler and a Cornish boiler?
Lancashire boiler is a fire tube boiler whereas Cornish boiler is a water tube boiler
Lancashire boiler has two flue tubes and the Cornish boiler has one flue tube
Lancashire boiler is horizontal and the Cornish boiler is vertical in placement
Lancashire boiler is externally fired and the Cornish boiler is internally fired
Maximum steam pressure in a locomotive boiler is limited to
5 bar
10 bar
18 bar
25 bar
Which aspect is not valid for a fire tube locomotive boiler?
Externally fired
Horizontal placement
Mobile unit
What is the object of providing baffles in between water tubes in a babcock-wilcox boiler?
To regulate water flow
To regulate steam flow
To have better contact of flue gases with water tubes
To prevent buckling of water tubes
A babcock-wilcox boiler is classified as a water tube boiler because
It has a large bank of tubes and a steam drum
Water passes through the tubes and hot gases flow around the tubes
Water evaporates in the drums
Superheater is mounted directly above the bank of tubes
In a Lancashire boiler, the diameter of internal flue tubes and the shell diameter conform to the ratio
The diameter of the cylindrical shell of a Lancashire boiler is about
0.75-1.25 m
1.25-2 m
1.75-2.75 m
2-3.5 m
Lancashire boiler is a …………boiler
Single pass
Two pass
Three pass
Four pass

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Shweta Gupta

Which aspect is not valid for a fire tube locomotive boiler

1099 days 5 hours 11 minutes ago

Z Mar Jamir

in a lancashire boiler the diameter of internal flue tubes and the shell diameter confirm to the ratio

1173 days 1 hours 21 minutes ago


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